DIY ``Flat Pack`` Cupboards

Create your own living space

At Cupboard Value we pride ourselves on being able to design and build kitchens that are not only beautiful but also functional and affordable. We achieve this by purchasing our raw materials in bulk and efficiently manufacturing all our kitchens in our own factory. We then pass these savings directly onto our customers, without skimping on the quality of our product.

Cupboard Value has been supplying affordable, quality, kitchen and bedroom cupboards in Pretoria since 2005 and are the leaders in the field of “flat pack” cupboards. At Cupboard Value, we realise that labour cost is escalating rapidly and understand there are many capable customers who wish to create their own living space.
Cupboard Value has therefore been persistently simplifying our product as well as the assembly and installation thereof to such an extent, that the home owner can opt to perform all of the design work as well as installation by him- or herself. Cupboard Value will then perform all of the manufacturing and assist the customer with good advice before and during the project.

Your own living space

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